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Cementitious Waterproof

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Cementitious Waterproofing





Brushbond is a two-component acrylic-modified cement-based coating. It is used to fill, seal, and waterproof concrete and masonry surfaces against both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Brushbond is resistant to hydrogen sulfide down to a pH of 3.

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Masterseal® 550i
Masterseal® 550i is a ready-to-use polymer-modified cement-based coating. It is used to waterproof and protect concrete, mortar, and masonry surfaces requiring either positive- or negative-side waterproofing. Masterseal® 550i can be applied by low-pressure spraying or hand troweling.
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Sonoblock™ is a two-component, Portland-cement-based waterproof coating. It protects building interiors from moisture damage and allows interior moisture to escape without damaging the coating.
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Thoroseal® Foundation Coating
A portland-cement-based waterproof coating for exterior below-grade concrete and masonry. It can also be used as a waterproof base coat on above-grade walls before they are overcoated with Thorocoat® or Thorosheen®.
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