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High Build Coatings

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High Build Coatings
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High Build Coating - Heavy Texture


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Flextex™ is a water-based VOC-compliant, high-build, textured, elastomeric acrylic-emulsion coating that minimizes surface imperfections on varied substrates. Its flexibility at low temperatures makes it suitable for cool climates.
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Thoro® TW Coating
Thoro® TW Coating is a water-based, heavily textured acrylic copolymer wall coating containing perlite aggregate. It is ideal for exterior applications over concrete substrates and tilt-up walls.
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Thorocoat® Tex and Thorocoat® Heavy Tex
Water-based high-build, 100 % acrylic, heavily textured coating for vertical concrete, masonry, and stucco surfaces. It seals, covers, and hides most minor construction imperfections and provides a uniformly textured, weather-resistant surface. Thorocoat® Heavy Tex is tintable to 48 "Elements" colors and can be custom tinted. Thorocoat® Heavy Tex is VOC compliant.
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