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High Build Epoxy

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Wall Coatings

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High Build Coatings
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Parkcoat™ is a one-coat water-based, VOC-compliant acrylic coating with an 88% light reflectance rating. Use it on the interior walls and ceilings of parking garages for added light and security.
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Sealcoat™ is a water-based VOC-compliant, high-build, 100% acrylic protective and decorative coating. Its flexible and weather-resistant formulation provides long-term durability in all climates.
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A water-based high-build, 100% acrylic coating for above-grade concrete, masonry, stucco, and EIFS. It waterproofs, protects, and decorates building exteriors while allowing them to breathe. Thorocoat® produces a tough, outer film that maintains its aesthetic and performance properties over time. Thorocoat® is available in smooth, fine, and coarse textures; it is tintable to 48 "Elements" colors and can be custom tinted. Thorocoat® is VOC compliant.
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Thorocoat® 200
A smooth high-build acrylic coating designed for airless spray application. Thorocoat® 200 can be applied to concrete, masonry, and stucco surfaces, whether new or aged. Because of its special selection of color pigments, it is used as an interior coating to improve the light reflectivity of parking garages and as an exterior coating to protect and decorate residential buildings.
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Thorocoat® DOT
Thorocoat® DOT is a water-based, high-build, 100% acrylic coating designed for U.S. DOT applications.
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