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Founded in 1890, The D.S. Brown Company is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered rubber, steel and concrete products. D.S. Brown has built a strong reputation in the transportation infrastructure construction market, with special emphasis on bridges and concrete pavement.

For every building challenge there's a Building Systems solution... everything you need to build, repair and protect.

 Building Systems is the premier provider of solutions to the building and construction industry. Our company's essential and flexible product offerings, as well as its knowledgeable customer service, are keys to its successful position as a single-source provider. Formerly known as Degussa Building Systems, BASF Construction Chemicals - Building Systems has grown by building strong customer relationships and through a series of mergers and acquisitions, giving it the industry's broadest product offering.

ThoRoc® offers a wide variety of specially engineered products for the restoration of concrete. ThoRoc products are used on many industrial and commercial restoration projects, including bridges, tunnels, building facades, structural columns, pavement, airport runways, manholes, piers, wharfs, dams, and others. ThoRoc’s highly engineered solutions can be used in a multitude of commercial-construction and industrial environments -- anywhere that concrete is subject to erosion or deterioration.




Sonneborn® systems are time-tested products used to make commercial buildings more durable, sound, comfortable, safe and attractive. They enhance the buildings’ value and extend their useful life. Sonneborn systems include Sonolastic® sealant systems, Sonoshield® waterproofing systems, Sonocoat® wall coating systems, Sonofloor® coating systems, and Sonocrete® concrete repair systems.

Thoro® products enhance the value of buildings and add years to their lifetime. These innovative products include high-build acrylic coatings, elastomeric waterproof coatings, cement-based waterproof coatings (both for positive and negative side), concrete-repair patching compounds, concrete underlayments, plasters and stucco, and water repellents, water repellents, stains and paints, patching compounds – and a wide variety of related products that keep a building looking and functioning at its best.





MBT Protection and Repair solutions provide the commercial construction industry with a wide range of products for preserving, repairing, and restoring concrete in demanding environments. Our products include specialty concrete repair mortars, epoxy and polyurethane injection resins, cement-based and epoxy grouts, dry-shake surface hardeners, cementitious coatings, curing compounds, sealers, architectural coatings, epoxy floor coatings, and more.


Hydrozo® clear sealers protect commercial buildings from water and chloride intrusion, airborne contaminants, and general wear and tear – but do not alter the original appearance. Whether used on new construction or the rehabilitation of older structures, Hydrozo products enhance the value of buildings and add years to their lifetime. A wide range of sealers is available for various applications to commercial, municipal, and industrial buildings, as well as stadiums, bridge decks, parking structures, highways, and other reinforced concrete structures.


A recognized world leader in specialty construction chemicals and products specifically engineered for the concrete industry, Sika has been answering the needs of producers and contractors since 1910.  With an international network of marketing and production companies, Sika now operates in over 68 countries around the world.





Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Incorporated offers a complete line of waterproofing and moisture protection products for the architectural, general construction, industrial and maintenance industries.

Watson Bowman Acme has developed and manufactured products for some of the world's most unique and complex structures. Their ability to create custom solutions for our customers is one of the keystones to their success.


Metacaulk® products are a family of firestopping products specifically designed to fill voids in construction joints and around penetrations in fire rated walls or floors.

ChemMasters is a manufacturer of quality products to repair, protect and beautify concrete. Our products are designed to provide the contractor with materials that are easy to use, cost effective and consistent from job to job.



SUPER POR-ROK - A cement based anchoring material for exterior or wet exposure applications, can also be used for interior anchoring of re-bar and anchor bolts.


E-Bond Epoxies manufactures user-friendly epoxy based structural composites, injection resins, adhesives, coatings, surface primers and control joint filler products for repair and protection. Specialty contractors serving the construction, bridge & highway, marine and home furnishing industries, use our products for surface restoration/protection, structural installation, structural repair and joint filler.


Haviland Corporation specializes in hand tools for the sanitary supply industry, primarily high quality industrial grade hand tools.  Squeegees are our primary business, not just a sideline. The company offers floor and window squeegees; woodblock squeegees; waterbrooms; stainless steel squeegees & scrapers; extension handles; and splashguards, gaskets, replacement cartridges and replacement blades for floor machines and wet-dry vacuums. Haviland Corporation offers top quality products, service, return policy, distribution and wholesaling programs.


Silicone caulks and adhesives


All VSM products are top of the line, quality coated abrasives, engineered and designed to help customers solve problems and to increase productivity per piece.  Whatever your application, VSM has an abrasive for you!


Designing, developing and making pressure sensitive tapes – that’s Shurtape. We’re tape specialists guided by a single purpose: help tape users do their jobs better. And when our tape users do their jobs better an interesting thing happens: everyone in our organization – employees, distributors, customers – wins.


At Albion, we engineer and manufacture dispensing guns and adhesive application equipment that dispense, apply, or inject materials for contractors, distributors, and OEMs. Everything you need – from electric caulking guns to epoxy injection dispensing guns – to seal a joint!


Pecora Corporation sealants, coatings, and adhesives.


Was founded in 1986 to provide first-class expansion joint systems to the construction industry. For over 20 years, EMS has been recognized as an innovator in the industry, particularly in the area of unusual and difficult-to-seal conditions.


PROFESSIONAL® Water Sealant is an inorganic sealant that bonds naturally to a variety of surfaces. Once applied it creates a long lasting, invisible barrier preventing damage caused by moisture.


Trust and Confidence, even under fire.




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