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Vertical Expansion Joints

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Joint Sealants

Vertical Expansion Joints
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NP 1™
NP 1™ is a one-component, high-performance, nonpriming, gun-grade, elastomeric polyurethane sealant. It requires no mixing and typically requires no priming to bond to many materials, including concrete and masonry.


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NP 2™
NP 2™ is a three-component, highly flexible, nonpriming, high-performance polyurethane sealant. It has been successfully tested for joint movement of plus or minus 50%. Choose from 40 popular stock colors and 463 standard colors.


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Sonolastic® 150 Tint Base
Sonolastic® 150 Tint Base is a premium-grade, high-performance, multi-component tintable, nonsag, silyl-terminated polyether elastomeric sealant. It offers the benefits of silicone sealants yet can be tinted to 463 colors to match any substrate. It can also be painted.


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Sonolastic® 150 with VLM Technology
Sonolastic® 150 with VLM Technology is a premium, very low-modulus, high-movement, nonsag, fast-curing, ready-to-use, silyl-terminated polyether sealant. It combines the best qualities of organic and silicone sealants. It accommodates extreme joint movement (+100 to –50%) to keep moving joints weathertight.





Sonolastic® Polysulfide Sealant
Sonolastic® Polysulfide Sealant is a multi-component, high-performance, low-modulus polysulfide sealant. Its elastomeric properties allow +25% joint movement. It withstands constant water immersion and will not degrade under limited chemical exposure.

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Sonolastic® TX 1
TX 1 is a one-component, texturized, moisture-curing, gun-grade poly-urethane sealant. It requires no mixing and typically requires no priming on common building materials. TX 1 has a textured appearance, which blends well with masonry substrates.







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