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Specialty Grouting & Anchoring Materials





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Concresive® 1090 Liquid
Concresive® 1090 is a two-component, 100% solids liquid epoxy bonding adhesive. It is used in areas where high early strength is required.


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Concresive® 1420
Concresive® 1420 is a two-component 100% solids nonsag epoxy adhesive. It is mainly used for anchoring fasteners, rebar, and dowels into concrete, but it can also be used for other epoxy-bonding surface applications.


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EpoGel™ is a two-component, high-strength, high-modulus, nonsag, gel structural adhesive. Use it for sealing cracks, setting injection ports, and grouting bolts and pins. Its pickproof formula makes it an ideal sealant around windows, doors, and lock-ups.


Post Tensioning

Product Image Masterflow® 1205
Masterflow® 1205 is a cement-based pumpable grout with specially graded aggregate. It produces a pumpable, nonbleeding, high-strength fluid product with an extended working time. The specially graded aggregate mitigates chloride migration while still allowing the product to be easily pumped over long distances through small openings. It meets all the compressive strength and nonshrink requirements of CRD C 621 and ASTM C 1107, Grades B and C, at a fluid consistency.








Masterflow® 1341
Masterflow® 1341 is specially formulated to produce a pumpable thixotropic grout. It has no settlement shrinkage, extended working time, especially in vertical duct placements or configurations with a steep vertical rise. It is bleed resistant for horizontal, inclined, and vertical tendon configurations. Masterflow® 1341 meets all compressive strength and Vertical Height Change requirements of CRD C 621 and ASTM C 1107 at a thixotropic consistency and complies with Recommendations of the PTI Duct Grouting Guide Specification for Grouting of Post Tensioned Structures with vertical rises of 6 – 100 ft (1.8 – 30 m) or slightly more.


Product Image Masterflow® 816
Masterflow® 816 cable grout is a hydraulic, cement-based aggregate-free grout. It produces a fluid, pumpable, nonshrink, nonbleeding, high-strength product with extended working time. It provides corrosion protection for highly stressed steel cables, anchorages, and rods, and has a wide range of other applications. Masterflow® 816 cable grout meets the compressive strength and nonshrink requirements of CRD C 621 and ASTM C 1107 at a fluid consistency.








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