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Epoxy Grout

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Concrete Additives
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Concrete Repair
Water Repellent
Joint Sealants
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Cementitious Grouts
Epoxy Grout
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Masterflow® 648 CP
Masterflow® 648 CP is a high-performance epoxy grouting material for support of heavy equipment. It ensures the proper transmission of static and dynamic loads to the equipment foundation.


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Masterflow® 648 CP Grout Accelerator
When Masterflow® 648 CP Grout Accelerator is added to Masterflow® 648 CP Grout or Masterflow® 648 CP Plus Grout, it accelerates the cure rate at low temperatures. Masterflow® 648 CP Grout Accelerator should be used in temperatures below 60° F (16° C).


Product Image

Masterflow® 648 CP Plus
Masterflow® 648 CP Plus grout is three-component modified epoxy-resin-based grout with variable fill rates. Masterflow® 648 CP Plus combines high-temperature performance and crack resistance with outstanding flow characteristics.

Product Image Masterflow® 668B Chock Grout
Masterflow® 668B Chock Grout is a three-component modified epoxy-resin-based grout. It is used where high-performance properties are required in less-accessible spaces subject to thermal shock and high vibrations. It can be placed from 1/2 – 3" (12.5 – 76 mm) thick on a base-grout pour, directly to the concrete or steel to steel.


Product Image Masterflow® 678 DP Plus
Masterflow® 678 DP Plus is a deep-pour, low-exotherm, multi-use three-component epoxy grout. It can be used where deep sections of epoxy grout must be placed with low heat generation.


Product Image Masterflow® MP
Masterflow® MP grout is a three-component epoxy grout. It is used for anchoring bolts and rebar, for baseplate support, and for general repair of concrete structures and surfaces.








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