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Liquid Surface Treatment

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Our cures and surface treatments ensure the proper finish to meet your project requirements.


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Kure-N-Harden™ is a water-soluble, inorganic, and silicate-based curing, hardening, sealing, and dustproofing compound. Use it for freshly placed and finished concrete and in renovation of aged concrete. It contains no VOCs.

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Lapidolith® is a magnesium-flurosilicate concrete hardener and dustproofer that bonds chemically with the concrete to strengthen and harden floors that are porous, readily absorptive, and only moderately hard.

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Mastertop® CST
Mastertop® CST is a water-based concrete-surface glaze and treatment. It contains a high-efficiency silicate and a wetting agent that penetrates and chemically reacts with the lime on or near the surface, forming an insoluble gel within the pores. This chemical reaction results in a shine, and it can densify the surface of cured concrete.

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Sonosil® is a clear water-soluble, sodium-silicate-based hardening and dustproofing compound. It is easy to apply, leaves no residue, dries quickly, and is available with fugitive red dye for even application.








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