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Concrete Repair

Product Categories

Concrete Additives
Cures/Surface Treatment
Concrete Repair
Water Repellent
Joint Sealants
Wall Coatings


Concrete Repair

Water Intrusion
Crack Repair/Bonding
Rebar/Corrosion Protection
Surface Repair
Traffic Repair
Structural Repair



Concrete Repair


For optimal concrete or masonry repair, study and correct the underlying cause of damage then use our high performance products for long-term integrity and strength.


Water Intrusion

 - Epoxy Liners

 - Hydraulic Cement

 - Sewer Inserts

 - Urethane Infection Grouts


Crack Repair and Bonding

 - Acrylic

 - Gel Epoxies

 - Low/Medium

 - Mathacrylate


Rebar and Corrosion Inhibitors


Surface Repair

 - General Purpose

 - Horizontal

 - Overhead

 - Thin Surface/Light Duty

 - Vertical


Traffic Repair







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