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Ridgemoor Supply, Inc.


Ridgemoor Supply is a supplier of various types of waterproofing products used in new and rehab projects throughout Michigan. Our core products include interior and exterior expansion joint systems, concrete repair products, coatings, epoxies, sealants and membranes.


Our 40 years of combined experience in this industry leads to long term relationships with our customers, including general contractors, architects, engineers, building owners and government agencies. Our focus has always been to provide a competitive price, backed by excellent service. In today’s market we recognize the importance of trustworthy relationships, timely deliveries, quality products and inventories large enough to meet the needs of our customers. Supplying the products and solutions to help you build the future.



Ridgemoor Supply, Inc

4455 Roger B. Chaffee

Kentwood, MI 49548



(616) 532-0782



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Competitive Pricing
Quality Product

Excellent Service

Over 40 Years of Combined Service

Timely Deliveries





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